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>> thank you. >> neighbors in berkeley staged a day of action over earthquake safety there. they're worried about what can happen to buildings that aren't save during next big earthquake. abc 7 news joins us live from berkeley with the story. nick? >> that group is behind me now. they're going door to door. they want them to think they're not sound to know they live in one. the group is going door to door tonight handing out a letter. they want residents to be aware of the danger of living there. if a large earthquake should hit this area. there have been a law since 2005 for landlords with five or more units to notify tentants in writing that their apartment is a soft story. they're required to have an engineer prepare a size nick.
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>> doft is steep, generally can vary between $5,000 and closer to $30,000. >> and more. now, the berkeley property owner says the cost can run into thousands of dollars and beyond and saying unavailability of rent increases is the biggest problem faced they're unable to pass through some of the costs to residents who are sitting in and occupying some spaces. caught in the middle are tenants if we want to live this n.a building considered to be unsound you can go to our web si. we have posted a link. in berkeley nick smith abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. well, it's the first day of spring. we have showers today around the bay area.
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umbrellas were out. windshield wipers and live doppler 7 hd looks like we're going to get spring weather. >> it's just going to be delayed by a day. taking a look pretty quiet now. we're not through just yet. as i can show you rainfall totals, about 84/100ths in st. helena. san francisco, half moon bay, 14/100ths. oakland 11/100ths. on the peninsula, about two-tenths of an inch in mountain view. we did receive about a tenth of an inch of rain in concord. looking at our computer animation we'll see clouds around and drizzle. at times, throughout evening hours, then winding down in the morning we'll start out with fog. there is another possibility of rain in the accu-weather forecast. i'll be back with details on that in a few minute autos thank you very much.
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update now on developing news we first brought you at 4:00 today. a standoff between an armed man and police forced dozens of people from homes in value layo this afternoon. sky 7 captured these images of a police vehicle barreling towards a home in southern and indiana streets. police ripped a lattice work bit of wood away from the front porch with tools. s.w.a.t. officers found a man inside of the home, dead when entering today. >> we're hearing shots sounds like at least 50 shots went off. you know. >> they kept shooting and police first went to the home after getting a report of that -- the man had a shotgun. officials is have not released the name of the man them have also note knot revealed where whether he shot himself or if police killed him.
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an arrest warrant issued for a long time high school baseball coach. the 52-year-old from orinda is wanted for molesting a teen-aged boy and filming another one in a bathroom. the sheriff's zeptz there may be other victims. he is the coach of the california smoke a boy's baseball team in san jose. he previously coached at palo alto high and bishop odoud in oakland. >> manhunt for a serial bank robber in the north bay. take a look at this picture of the sfekt you will. fbi has joined force was santa rosa and ron yark park police. he's dubbed the hoody bandit. he's believed to be connected to three robberies during first two weeks of february. >> the san francisco 49ers got a victory this fwheek a courtroom. a judge ruled that the nfl team is entitled the money as part of the stadium deal.
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it became a free-for-all. schools wanted it and so did the governor. the judge ruled the deal before it disappeared. when the 49ers and raiders and every other team takes a field next season, the game will be played differently. under pressure, the nl made a major change. wayne freedman is here to explain new rules. >> we have seen rule change that's we have a level playing field at least figure tiffly. it's a rule for offensive players running the ball. >> this is what we love about football. for those in the wrong place at the wrong time, also a
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flirtation with concussions. today the nfl made it more difficult to layout an opponent by making it illegal for players to leave leed with the tops of the helmets beyond the line of skrimish. >> bringing this shoulder back into this. we're not going not allow a runner to protect himself or the football. or to drop his head to protect himself against a runner, it's delivering the blow. >> a runner must meet the demender heads up. >> i don't think you're going to go down like this, with your head up like this? and get hit. >> the new rule is designed to limit concussions and likely to trickle down to college and high school levels. that is good news to hardy nickerson coaching bishop odoud high school.
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>> i don't think is rule will eliminate concussions. nudging is going to eliminate concussions. >> if you ask any brain surgeon it's good news. >> we have seen a lot of sports evolved by gef 1 racing which had a high death rate. there is no less competitive and a lot safer than it has been. >> so from here out nfl football will not be exactly the same as the old guys played it. upside? there may be more old guys still around to talk about those days. >> the new rule takes affect next season. nfl says it looked atd a game to count the penalties it would have called and there were five. >> wayne, thank you very much. a lot of debate about this rule. right? >> abc 7 sports direct jer here. there is another rule change
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that fans have been waiting for. >> yes. and let's just put this into perspective. worst rule in history of modern civil saigs. and raider fans january 19th, 2002 is the day at patriots were handed a gift by the refs. now after a decade, nfl decided not that is a dumb rule. you snow a snowy night tom brady started to tlo. pulled a ball back. hit by charles woodson and fumbled. silver and black in position to win this game. the refs pulled out the tuck rule saying any intentional forward movement of the arm starts a forward pass this, is
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the way he read it f the player loses possession of the ball attempting to tuck it back they called it incompete pass. patriots got a field goal, went on to win that game. then, went on to win super bowl starting their new england dynasty. new rule is if a quarterback loses control of a ball. it's a fumble like we knew it was. today raiders tweeted adios, tuck rule. it took 11 years to overturn what is one of the most absurd rules ever created the day of the tuck rule. we knew it's absurd. >> i'm getting mad just watching. >> you can let it go now. >> i'm trying. >> thank you. >> well, still ahead here tonight a clash over coffee. the citywide fight that has
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been launch bid a mobile vendor who wants a space near established competitor autos police risking their lives in the name of traffic safety. how easy it's been for them. >> you have tax questions we have tax answers. here is a number to dial. 7 on your side call in is now. >> thank you, later tonight video a couple guys put together that attach cameras you ca8tgñxtes0p0p
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a food fight is back tonight the board is hearing objections to a truck that wants to narc front of a restaurant. abc 7 news joins frus the newsroom with latest on a dispute between mobile food trucks and downtown restaurants. mark? >> i first reportedthon fight last year. it's december. after downtown cafes complained food strucks had been eating into their business. there are objections to a coffee truck. they operate in an alley near fremont. the owner declined to talk with us. we know from permits he'd like
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to move to a more visibility location across the street from star buck autos you ask restaurants that are in this area what is the biggest part of the sfwhis coffee. >> the policy director says it's just the latest in food trucks invading downtown. traik trucks operating on permits from public works department. >> gut feel sthag a lot of the trucks should be in areas where they limited access to restaurants. >> they're not going to under served parts of the city. they're congregating downtown. they're all here because that is where customers are. >> customers, like phil say it should allowed to park whenever it wants. >> i'm for the little guy.
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>> mike says the trucks won't steal loyal customer autos i think if they're are people customers they'd still go to the place. >> trey bought his coffee from peete's what is going to be better for consumers? >> the hearing tonight is over whether or not places have a right to object initial complaint was tossed out because they don't serve just coffee. >> a big piece of the business is coffee and they're thrown out. yeah. >> you sell food too,. >> like coffee is coffee. hello. >> the board hearing began about an hour ago. vote is just in and looks like they will be awill youed to move to second street all though the address is 92nd street.
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and the reason? because they're coffee is different than that being sold in local restaurants. >> folk singer fishel shock responded to a fallout from an antigay slur. she's apologizes. she went on a rant onstage in yoshy's nightclub. half of the audience walked out and since then her shows have been cancelled. last night she wrote an open letter that reads in part i do not nor have i ever said or belief god hates homosexuals i said some of his followers believe that. >> sanlda patel keeping an eye on the weather which is changing. >> yes tracking more drizzle then, we'll bring you the sun but windy conditions tomorrow, it's coming.
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we do have a lot of cloud cover around we do have more coming as mentioned. gale warnings going up for coastal areas in marin county thursday, 2:00 p.m. until friday, 9:00 a.m. we're expecting windy conditions. this is what i'm talking about. fog dropping visibility. this is what you'll face for parts of the bay area. so just be aware of it. in san francisco, it's 59 degrees, 61 in san jose. from our camera, we're looking at cloud cover but the sun is trying to peak through. you'll see sunny skies tomorrow, clouds, fog, spotty drizzle tonight. sunny, windy tomorrow, mild inland for the weekend. a viewer said what about us on the coast? cool on the coast. take a look at satellite and
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radar. here is a cold front washing out right over the bay area. it's why all we golt was drizzle this afternoon. we did have scattered showers earlier today. spotty drizzle continues this evening. you'll see here into 7:00 p.m. green showing up so just scattered throughout the late night hours, you might want to give yourself traechl time. the fog creates low visibility in spots. temperatures cool yes, better sleeping weather. upper 30s and most other areas into 40s and 65 in los gatos, 63 pal yes alto mid-50s near the coastline. and wind will be going out of of the northwest up to 40
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miles per hour. 55 daily city. north bay communities temperatures into 60s, we'll see 50s near the coast. 60 for clear lake. a windy but sunny afternoon. oakland mid-60s, inland communities going to be a comfortable day. 65 degrees in livermore, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. windy conditions give twig just breezy conditions towards the weekend. mid to upper 50s on the coast. and then our next chance of rain we're talking about tuesday going into wednesday so... we'll need umbrellas again, soon enough. >> coming up next, michael finney. >> answering your tax questions right now.
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taxes due in less than four weeks if you're like most people you probably need help. >> i need help with mine. >> me, too. that is where michael finney comes in. >> taking hundreds of calls any question you can imagine right here is the telephone number if you want to call in. we're taking your calls and have got irs here and we have this enrolled agents and cpas and united way and jesse weller from the irs. majority of the people are trying to figure out how to get a bigger refund there are people with a renaund don't get money because they're not asking for it. that is right. there are about a million people that haven't filed 2009 returns that are due about a billion dollars in refunds because they did not file.
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>> so if they file taxes if they take time to pull out old w 2, file forms they can get their refund now? >> definitely. the problem is that three-year window ends april 15th. have you three years to claim a refund so they have time to get it done but need to get it zpun they need their w 2s that show income tax taken out and income to file return. we can help them get a transcript if they can't get forms. >> so if they don't ask for money back it does go back to the treasury. and some people had taxes taken out of the paycheck other people might qualify for a refundable credit. it's important to claim their refund.
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they're going get money they did not know they had. we're going to be here before 8:00. again, we're taking it in spanish, chinese, and english so again reporting live from 7 on your side, i'm michael finney. >> great source. >> a civil war in syria and reports of government atrocities that just might compel the united states now to get involved. >> tonight why two major supermarket chains are refusing to stop salmon though the government says it's safe. >> we're going to show what you samsung is doing doing to step up the competition between two company that's hate each other. stay with us.
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that breaking news from oakland a jury found a man guilty of killing someone here for a job interview with
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google nearly three years ago. george huggins now faces a possible life sentence out possibility of parole, prosecuters say huggins shot and killed the victim during a series ever robberies. kang was in virginia for the google interview. he had gone downtown to have his teeth cleaned at a friend's office. >> new details coming out of syria tonight. both syrian government and rebels are kusing each other of a chemical attack. there are more, there was more violence today just 24 hours after a rocket slammed into a neighborhood 25 people were killed and dozens wounded. there is no evidence of that, but these videos are being analyzed to see if it matches a phone ashl tack. speaking in israel the president reiterated a warning to syrian leadership. >> the assad regime must
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understand they'll be held account yablt for the use of chemical weapons once establishing the facts i've made clear the use of the chemical weapon saz game changer. >> the president is holding talk was the nation prime minister, urging peace talks between israel and palestinians. >> we've just learned the names of all seven marines killed at the hawthorne army depot in nevada. the young men range from 19 to 26 years old. eight weathers were hurt in the explosion, investigators trying to figure out what caused the shell to explode. >> genetically modified fish getting a big no from two supermarket chains both trader
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joe's and whole foods say they will not sell the new type of geneticry engineered salmon. the fish is a cross between an atlantic and pacific salmon. kit grow twice as fast as regular salmon. fda says it won't hurt the environment but yikts say it could threaten other salmon if it gets into the wild. >> these two giants have been compared to fire and ice. a rivalry between apple and samsung over smart phones is fierce as you know. and now they're competing on a new front. david louie reports from san jose. >> many bilgds housing tech companies are ordinary at best but samsung is planning to change that. >> in a number of other companies have realized to attract the workers they come from around the world they
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need an exciting work place environment for employee autos this is what samsung is planning. these drawings posted on a web site with unusual features. >> it has open spaces. so instead of just being a normal office building is a collapse, it has open floors in it. it allows their employees to meet organic spaces. >> the coolness factor could be a major draw. apple is already working on its own headquarters building in cupertino. >> these two companies hate each other. you know? so everything they do is doing damage to other parties. >> apple and samsung are fierce competitors, analysts say samsung expanded it's
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research and development in other operations in the valley. a facility designed to attract young prurz working on ideas. many companies are setting up for competitive reasons. >> it will be great for silicon valley. and this area. >> in san jose, abc 7 news. >> tonight money matters hewlett-packard survives a shareholder revolt. the board won reelection. bloomberg news reports the vote was clochls several major investors launched a campaign to oust the board, pardon me. >> that happened after a three-year slide in hp stock price. the federal reserve chairman says the u.s. economy strengthened but needs the fed's help to keep interest
6:34 pm
rates low. the fed agreed to keep a $85 billion plan in place. >> now, wall street glad to hear hear thachl the dow shot up 55 points today up 11% since the first of the year. >> and safeway announced a money saving partnership in place for a couple weeks. you can now use your rewards points to get a discount of up to 20 cents a gallon. >> taking that home would be helpful. >> a local film maker once reserved for multi million dollar movie autos he said it's gear anyone can buy.
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police on the peninsula zeroed in on two plus busy sections of el camino real today looking for drivers. you can see here how this
6:38 pm
narrowly missing being hit by cars. motorcycle officers then raced into traffic to stop drivers. >> locations identified with data. they're also identified by citizen complaints or business complaints. >> what can i say? you know? i said i did. you know? what i can i do? >> police say it took a strumpk driver off the streets. they arrested the man in fen low park saying he appeared for under the influence of prescription drugs. >> you never know. >> coming up next, more from michael finney on the tax hot line. >> yes. plenty of time to have >> yes. plenty of time to have get your questions aan) 3 days g
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today.
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it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful let's check back in now with michael finney getting your tax questions answered. >> hi, michael. >> good afternoon.
6:42 pm
good evening. everybody is working hard here. a lot of phone calls coming in. people there and there, we've got all kinds of people answering questions including now, jim mckale. you've joined us every year thank you. >> how do you avoid an audit? i'm sure you're getting that question. >> just be careful you report all of the income. because irs has it on record. other thing is be reasonable in deductions as a person getting audited now, noncash chairitable contributions when you give things take a picture. a lot of people fudge those numbers i'm giving $3,000 to salvation army? i don't think so. >> so take a picture?
6:43 pm
great advice. so when you have the stuff, spread it out, shoot picture autos exactly. the irs is requesting pictures they did take pictures so we're going to win this one. be careful. >> home office deduction that. used to be a red flag fu. look that you're going to be audited now so many people are working home. next year irs is going to ease rules, but how about now? >> be careful. it's going to be exclusive business use. make sure you don't share witness your kids play pen. i heard a person lost because of that. they came in and found the kids toys play pen in what was the office. they lost. >> very g thank you very much. >> we're going to be here so these people will be here
6:44 pm
answering your questions. i'm michael finney. >> thank you. great information. >> well, listen to this. >> it's slick, one man decided he can do it for less and wound up with a video. >> more on the local film maker whose phone won't stop ringing after his viral video success. >> six months of time. >> we came up with this technique called mirror glassing like time lapsing and stop motion adding learics. >> now, a video innovation gone viral. up to 20. >> we wanted to try to depict
6:45 pm
bullet time. you'd see in the matrix. >> the famous affect was done with dozens of film cameras. his camera does this. what you don't see when you watch is the incredible amount of patience that has gone into it. many hours spent editing. >> turns out its his computer screen. >> my computer started crashing so i was flipping out if dwoitsing to hold up. >> the video has shelves of hard drives after being viewed half a million times, it's paying off. >> yes. for sure, yes. yes.
6:46 pm
so that is what you're looking for? you're out of texas you said? >> he is getting calls from just about everywhere. the company made this their video of the day. and donahue hopes they'll sponsor him. >> once getting the okay to get more cameras we're going to go wild. >> wow that is cool. >> patience it took to do that? >> yes. >> great job. >> let's go back update the fookt yes. >> clouds around and just looked outside of our window here, umbrellas out again. some drizzle and then, tomorrow afternoon, it turb turns windy at the coastline. temperatures mid 40s to low 60s. 69 fairfield and antioch up to 67 in nappa. san francisco, 60
6:47 pm
degrees enjoy the sun, more coming as we hit the weekend. low 70s inland. next possible of rain, tuesday. better chance into wednesday. >> thank you. >> a lot of basketball to talk about. >> yes. it's unlv. kcal get out of the first round of the tournament? a live
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good evening. the cal bears kput together, tomorrow night, cal plays five seed unlv in round one. abc 7 mike shumann joins us live outside of the hp pavilion. cal caught a break with this. they got a bus ride to get to the game oo. there is no question. mike montgomery says this
6:51 pm
wasn't a home game. and there are some terk yits sfraibl cal fans want to come down. now, they got 40 money minutes on the court. and of course, you mentioned earlier these two teams paced off earlier in the season that. has got to be an advantage. because normly, you're not sure who you're going face. >> this helps a lot. you know? so it gives confidence going in. and well, we've got work to do. you know, the thing was we had a chance. that is encouraging from our perspective. >> cal is a different team since that loss to unlv. >> we've proven we're a good team. so we've proven we can play at
6:52 pm
a high level. >> a different mind set of being done. >> we're very conscious that we don't come on performing that this can with the last game. >> cal win twoz games on the way to the sweet 16. and this is for the first time in 16 years. thank you. >> st. mary's in dayton ohio. the gales beat middle tennessee state in a first playing game now they're in the field of 64 as an 11 seed they'll face sixth seed memphis. that is a game that tips off tomorrow morning. kind of like brunch with the
6:53 pm
gales. >> feeling confident this is coming in maybe experiencing some nerves hopefully we can use that to our vangs. >> just over a month ago bolden was a dreaded enemy. baltimore felt his deal was just too pricey. and he loves the fact he was traded to a contender. >> an organization all about players it's on the cusp. hopefully, i can come here to bring something to this team. >> also, phil dawson says his kids know the names of half of his new teammates.
6:54 pm
>> i feel like a new kid again. and i wish the condition sn was starting tomorrow. >> nba action tonight warriors lost 28 games in san antonio dating back to 1997. there is a jam to tie this up at 22 but former warriors steven jackson was a step back to three. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply and hardware to be fun tomorrow. and is this crowd filled with gold? >> yes. >> thank you. >> join me tonight on coffee tv 20. coming up then a clue in the mystery of autism. a part of the puzzle just
6:55 pm
discovered and then, fired for selling girl scout cookies. a mom lost her job for helping her daughter and at 11:30 tonight's guests are halle barry and elle fanning. that is coming up tonight. >> lots to look forward to that. is it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, don't forget. the tax hot line... call now. it's open until 8:00. have a good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- an online book sales directo . a high-school history teacher from san diego, california... and our returning champion, a museum guest-relations manager from los angeles, california... alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and e to our show.
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these are still difficult economic times, so i'm very happy to see that jeopardy! champions are earning as much money as they have been on recent programs. on, over $24,000. n, as they have been our champion, over $24,000. i'm sure jonathan and jeff would like to earn even more than that in this half let's see how it works out. good luck to all three of you. here we go. jeopardy! round. and these categories now in play. that word coming up in each correct response. bottom of the ninth. and...what's happened? oh, the bases are loaded. alex: lauren, start us. i'll start with classic ads & jingles for $200. jeff? what is avis? that's it. presidential debaters , please. jonathan. who is ronald reagan?
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need two people. oh, who is ronald reagan and jimmy carter? okay. now you've got the idea. [ chuckles ] presidential debaters for $400, please. jeff. who are george bush and michael dukakis? which george bush? george bush sr.? yes. that's right. presidentiaters for $600, please. jeff. who are ronald reagan and walter mondale?al d. presidential debaters for $800. lauren. who are bush, clinton, and perot? which bush? uh, bush i. yes. presidential debaters for $1,000. jeff. who are george w. bush and al gore? yes.

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